About Our Company



Since 2016, being part of a global network of distributor, RAT-Enterprise becomes the leading international distributor of "Hard to Find" and "Obsolete" Electronic Components, Pipeline Equipments, Non-Ferrous & Semi-Finished Metal Products, Motor Graders, Coal Products and various Agricultural Commodities (Cashew, Clove, Bird's Nest, Cocoa, Coffee-Beans, Palm and Coconut).

We are RAT-Enterprise is basically operated, owned, established by C.V. Dayasakti Jaya Utama registered in Indonesia as C.V. (Commanditaire Vennootschap) with:

  • registered Tax-Id. (NPWP): 81.556.188.1-731.000
  • registered SIUP number: 503-256/SIUP.KB-III/DPMPTSP/2017
  • registered TDP number:
  • registered SKTU number: 503-1900/SKTU-B.III/DPMPTSP/2017.

Our main office is located in Jl. Meranti 87 - Banjar Indah Permai - 70248 - Banjarmasin (Kalimantan Selatan) - Indonesia.

However, in order to work closely with our European suppliers and manufacturers, we have also three representative offices located in Berlin, in Hamburg, and in Bremen/Bremerhaven, Germany, which is Germany's southernmost seaport and the ports of Bremen/Bremerhaven are among the most important universal ports in Europe. In other words, short journeys between the port and consignors in Germany's industrial regions. Therefore our headquarters has an outstanding range and transportation service to all over the world.

We also has Ex-Works (EXW) agreement with our suppliers so that they are required to make products ready for pickup at their own place of business so that we transfer the products using our clients preferred carrier and method. Because Lead time is very crucial for a deal, for faster delivery times, we regularly ship using our distribution centre which is closest to the product location and we will send the parts to customers as quick as we receive the orders. Currently, we have distribution centre in Europe, USA and Asia.


"Credibility and Integrity in our business are the most important aspect for mutual benefit by excellent products and services."


Our Specialist: Providing "Hard to Find" and "Obsolete" Electronic Components. By having direct contact with our extensive global network of recognized and verified suppliers from all over the world and by having good relationship with our (OEMs) Original Equipment Manufacturers globally, these relationships facilitate us to have special, fast, and reliable access for finding active, passive and obsolete (hard to find) electronic components, connectors, LCD screens and semiconductors globally so that it can facilitate us to support your business in providing the hardest electronic components to find. We has a customer base serving medical device manufacturers, robotic industries, communications equipment manufacturers, transportation industries, automotive electronics manufacturers, robotics industries, nuclear power, aerospace industries, computer and peripheral industries, military industries and industrial equipment manufacturers. In addition, we serve a number of components agents and distributors worldwide.

As an international distributor in electronic components, we usually targeting that all orders are completed within 10-14 working days. However, for specific part numbers, we are also capable to process it as fast as possible or within shorter lead times because we understand that our customers rely on us to keep their production lines and supply chain running as smooth as possible each time they order.

We are really understand that building a long-term customer relation becomes the most crucial things to deliver reliable services and products. Thus, we strive to ensure our customers are provided with quality products. When necessary, or upon a client request, we do not mind to send the products to one of our independent, ISO approved test lab partners located worldwide. Moreover, we also provide a plenty of tests for our customers free of charge so that our customers only receives the best products everytime. It is expected able to raise customers' confidence & awareness on our company.

To deliver high quality services to our clients, in our company, we hire only the best team and specialists in electronic components so that they are very capable to support what your company really needs. 

In order to be able better to communicate with our clients regarding their requirements with ease irrespective of their location, in their preferred language, our international sales team has provided excelent customer service in 5 languages (German, English, Mandarin, Melayu, Indonesia). Through our strict selection process with providing continuous training programmes for our employees, we are confidently providing the highest standards of customer service from each of our teams.


"Our company has a large number of electronic components in stock; with accurate quotes; reasonable price; fast delivery worldwide, authentic customer service and good service attitude to highlight in the highly competitive market."


Other Businesses: We are also as a global distributor for Pipeline Equipments, Non-Ferrous & Semi-Finished Metal Products, Coal Products and various (second-hand) made-in Germany Motor Graders. Because of the advantage of our office situated in Germany, even our company is registered in Indonesia as C.V. (Commanditaire Vennootschap), we have direct contact to our suppliers especially in Pipeline Equipments, Non-Ferrous & Semi-Finished Metal Products, and Motor Graders so that it is possible to us supporting your needs in any industries. 

Furthermore: Thanks for our Team in Indonesia who have built a tight network of contacts with our suppliers and always controls its quality before it will be shipped to our clients so that we are able to distribute various high quality Coal as well as Agriculture Commodities such as Cashew, Clove, Bird's Nest, Cocoa, Coffee-Beans, Palm and Coconut from Indonesia to our clients globally.


"The Money that's given to us is our Customer's Trust to our Company so that We always strive to make our Customers feeling secured and satisfied when they order from our Company."


To ensure our clients feeling comfortable and secure in each transaction with our company, we also provide them with the variety of choice of how our clients want to pay for their order.
Because we always pay high attention for our client's orders and strive to deliver our services with full professionality and quality products at a reasonable price, we provide payment options such as PAYPAL, Escrow, Online payments with Visa or MasterCard and Advance Payment or Wire Transfer.


Process and Steps

Tell us What you need?

Before you decide to purchase order, feel free to consult what you need to our competent sales person via skype or email.

Issue (PO) Purchase Order

After we know what you need, our purchasing team will as soon as possible coordinate with our verified suppliers to make sure that the products as you required so that you can issue purchase order to us and we will proceed your orders with high attention.

Payment Options

The choice of how you want to pay for your order is yours: Because we always pay high attention for your orders and strive to deliver our services with full professionality and quality products at a reasonable price, we provide payment options such as PAYPAL, Online payments with Visa or MasterCard and Advance Payment or Wire Transfer.

Testing all Products

Before all products are shipped to our clients, they are being tested and being given a number of tests completed so that we will make sure all products ordered come with relevant certification as required by each client. Testing is normally free of charge for our customers. In case you should require a specific or extra testing for the products you order, our sales team will inform you of any costs.

Distribute the Orders

No matter where your location is, we distribute to every corner of the world. Furthermore, we are also capable to process your orders as fast as possible or within shorter lead times.

Order Security

Every order purchased comes with a guarantee. One of our sales representatives can inform you regarding the guarantee that comes with the parts you order. Thus, you have no need to worry when buying with us.


Our Team

Picture of Robin P.

Robin P.

|| Head of Sales & Marketing (Europe)

Robin is the head of our sales, product development and handles all things marketing-related. He graduated with Bachelor of Arts in International Degree Programme in Global Management from University of applied Sciences Hochschule Bremen. Besides taking responsibility in our Sales & Marketing especially for European Market, He regularly works with IGEC uG in Hamburg and supported them in Marketing activities. Furthermore, he also gained skills and working experiences in Marketing and Sales from his working experiences with HSBC, PERTAMINA, Malaysia Airlines and Deutsche See GmbH.

Picture of Christop D. P.,

Christop D. P.,

|| Head of Finance & Accounting

Christoper is the person who manages our corporation’s financial risk, handles financial planning and track all the transactions. He hold Bachelor Degree (Finance and Controlling/Accounting) at University of Applied Sciences Bremen and currently study in Master Program focused on Finance, Controlling/Accounting at University of Applied Sciences TH Brandenburg and at University of West of Scotland with his working experiences in Finance, Accounting, and Budgeting at Daimler AG Stuttgart, at DCMN Berlin and BNI 46 London.

Picture of Toni T.,

Toni T.,

|| Head of IT & Logistics

Toni Tan is the person who manage the company's IT infrastructure with business priorities. Furthermore, he is also the head of our IT and Logistic because of his experiences in IT and E-commerce business for years so that he is reliable to handle our logistic and is able to control distribution of the goods. He graduated with Master degree in Computer Science from Universität Bremen which belongs to one of elite German Universities. We proud of him and trust to his skills and working experiences.

Picture of Yan F.,

Yan F.,

|| Head of Sales & Marketing (Indonesia)

Yan is responsible with Sales & Marketing activities in Indonesia.

Open Positions

Sales - Europe/Asia Account Executive


Job Description

Our company RAT-Enterprise starts growing fast and we provide a great opportunity for those who are passionated working in Sales to join with our company which provide professional services to its clients. This role will challenge your expertise to generate and maintain partnerships with our international clients especially on the European and Asian Continents. Working with our growing company will practice your communication skills and price negotiation skills along with a range of others. The international Sales Executive will handle for the sale of semiconductors and electronic components. We are currently looking for ideal candidates who are well versed in the process of defining, developing, servicing, prospecting and nurturing a defined account base.


  • Targeting potential new markets.
  • Assisting with promotional activities (Email marketing, flyers, etc.)
  • Demonstrates excelent communication skills in English.
  • Demonstrates technical selling skills.
  • Understanding of pricing and quotes process.
  • Demonstrates the ability to gather order information and submit detailed information for processing orders.
  • Having ability to be an active player in the execution of Marketing and Business Development strategies.
  • Optimize all opportunities in the process of closing a sale resulting in increased market share globally.
  • Work closely with colleagues and management to provide clients with most efficient and professional service possible.
  • Maintains accurate records of all sales and prospecting activities including Sales calss, closed sales, and follow-up activities.


Required Skills

Bolts Construction Inc is well known for its innovation and by collaborating successfully with our customers, designers, sub-contractors, consultants as well as suppliers; we have been able to provide more specialized level of services. We are continuously evolving and understand the different aspects of delivering high value construction and complex projects with ease.

   Having Bachelor or Master's level in Business or similar.
   Interested in the E-Commerce Business.
   Excellent communication and interpersonal skill.

   Strong written and verbal communication.
   Positive personality.
   Strong negotiation skills of English & Indonesia languages (additional languages are an asset, especially German).
   Sales experience is an davantage.
   Intermediate Computer skills including typing and Ms Office (Excel, Outlook, Word).

Accounting - Audit Assitant Internship


Job Description

This position is ideal for an Accounting or Finance student who loves working with number. This role will gives you a lot of responsibility to handle our financial statements, payroll, vendor invoices and customer invoices. Furthermore, it will help developing your skills and practicing your knowledge about accounting.


  • Preparing salaries for the employees.
  • Preparing monthly report annual report.
  • Analysing account information.
  • Recording financial transactions by entering account information.
  • Analysing accounting options.
  • Summarise current financial status by collecting information
  • Preparing balance sheet, profit and loss statement.
  • Auditing documents.
  • Maintains accounting controls by preparing and recommending policies and procedures.
  • Support in the review of month-end financial statements including any unusual gross profit levels and notifying supervisor of any unusual items.
  • Assisting with Bookkeeping


Required Skills

  • Having Bachelor or Master's level in Business or similar.
  • Good level of English.
  • Ability to complete tasks accurately.
  • Interested in the E-Commerce Business.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skill.
  • Strong written and verbal communication.
  • Positive personality.
  • Strong Communication skills of English & Indonesia languages (additional languages are an asset, especially German).
  • Accounting experience is an davantage.
  • Intermediate Computer skills including typing and Ms Office (Excel, Outlook, Word).