light & stable
perfectly customized
first-class material

World-class products should come from first-class material and we are RAT-Enterprise support your needs.

We only supply metal products from reliable European suppliers which can supply fast, failure-free, continuous slit strip processing.

  • Precision Processing
  • From thin to thick
  • Anything is Possible for us

We distribute made-in-Germany “Non-Ferrous & Semi-Finished Metal Products” for the highest quality using the best materials and high-precision, customised processing methods. to create reliable and customized solutions for meeting individual demands.

The special characteristic of Brass is Rugged and Versatile so that it makes brass used in variety of different ways in various industry. In particular, the automotive industry, metal construction, the construction industry such as for valves and screws, and in electronics and the music industry.


We are able to support you with these following products:

  • Sheets
  • Plat
  • Rods
  • Profile
  • Tubes
  • Strip